Going to see a 3D movie is about to get a bit more fashionable if a recent report from Variety is to be believed.

Although there's no doubt the necessary donning of eyewear is held up as one valid reason as to why 3D's adoption has not been bigger/better/faster, it seems the fact that the glasses don't make you look cool is hindering stereoscopic filmmaking.

The glasses, described as "frankly unattractive", apparently stop Fox Sports chairman's David Hill's two teenage daughters going on dates to see 3D films.

"I have two teenaged girls, and they don't want to go on dates looking like they're going to do some spot welding", Hill said.

Hill, speaking at the recent 3D Entertainment Summit and an exec from RealD, a company that fits out 3D cinemas,speaking to Variety said that designer 3D glasses, from Gucci, among others, will hit high-end shop shelves before the cinematic release of "Avatar", due December.

Prescription 3D glasses, and 3D glasses for children are also on their way as the format gets more mainstream.

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