Seagate has announced the launch of the new FreeAgent Theater+ HD media player, described as the "next generation home theatre solution designed to instantly and easily connect your digital media library to your home entertainment system".

The player has a docking system that offers a quick and easy way to connect Seagate external hard drives to televisions or home entertainment centres.

With what's said to be an easy to navigate interface and supplied remote control, movies, videos, music and images can then be viewed on a large-screen TV with support for 1080p HD video, DTS 2.0 + Digital Out, and Dolby Digital technology.

There's also two additional USB ports for connecting other USB storage devices and an Ethernet port for network connectivity.

The Seagate FreeAgent Theater+ HD media player is available now for $149.99 (£90 as a direct translation), with a wireless adapter due to be available in October as a separate accessory through for $69.99 (£42).

In addition, Seagate has also announced the FreeAgent DockStar network adapter, that will connect a FreeAgent Go portable hard drive to a network, giving access to its content from anywhere in or outside of the home (with the Pogoplug service), as well as allowing for file sharing.

"In a matter of minutes a drive can become accessible through any Internet connected computer, as well as through an innovative iPhone application", says Seagate.

The FreeAgent DockStar network adapter is available now for $99.99 (£60). The Pogoplug service for remote access and sharing, is free for a year, then $29.99 per year afterwards.