The subscription-free digital satellite TV service, Freesat, has announced it has "delivered sales" of 600,000.

After hitting 400,000 in May, a year after the service launched, sales have gone on to increase 50% in the last quarter, now hitting the 600,000 mark this month.

"To put this into context", Freesat says BT Vision has managed 443,000 customers since launching nearly 3 years ago.

"We've had a brilliant summer and are confident that we'll continue to report outstanding growth, especially in the run up to the World Cup as we attract viewers that want to watch in high definition but without having to pay a subscription no matter where they live in the UK", says Freesat MD Emma Scott.

Freesat is currently working with the BBC to launch the Beeb's iPlayer in the near future, and will then become the first subscription-free TV platform to do so.