Epson's two flagship models at this year's IFA proceedings are the TW5500 and TW4400 models each featuring the company's top line 3LCD projection technology.

The former is the daddy of the two offering an impressive 200,000:1 contrast ratio and 12bit video processing to bring the colours to life. The latter taking a slight dip at figures of 130,000:1 and with 10bit instead. Both beam out at 1600 lumens, which should be enough power for watching in most indoor conditions, and do so at just 22dB in volume.

Naturally, both offer Full HD capability, with HDMI 1.3 sockets to back them up, and the TW5500 adds the bonus of YUV and RGB inputs too. They're available in November from £2999 and £3999 and included in the outlay is a little lamp cover, 5- and 3-year warranties respectively.

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