Epson's most intriguing offer in Berlin this year is the Epson EH-DM3 all-in-one portable projector that brings karaoke to the home cinema party. Retailing at £579 when it lands in November, the unit will play from USB, HDMI, PC, TV tuner, digital cameras and MP3 players. It also has an integrated slot for DVDs as well as a microphone jack with which you can torture your neighbours.

There's 2 x 10W built-in speakers and carry handle to give it the fiesta feel but, at the same time, the 3000:1 contrast and 2000 lumens of brightness should offer an adequate, if unrefined, experience.

Although the EH-DM3 supports HD feeds, it doesn't appear to project HD quality but it's quite happy to work with DivX. The focus of the whole machine, though, is ease of use and as always active intelligent tech, such as the colour correction, and plug and play ability, will mean that even people who know little of gadgetry should get the hang of it pretty quick.

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