3M has announced the MPro120, a pico projector which replaces the company's MPro110 that was released just under a year ago. Like its predecessor, it has a 4:3 VGA resolution, but 3M reckons it also has improved connectivity, brightness, and battery life.

Taking connectivity first, then, 3M says that the projector can be plugged into laptops, netbooks, smartphones, PMPs, cameras, camcorders and games consoles. We're hoping that a raft of adaptors come with it, and don't have to be purchased separately.

The brightness goes up to 12 lumens in an "enhanced brightness mode", or there's a 10-lumen option if you're more of a curtains-closed sort of person. 3M says: "No matter what the application, sharp, vibrant colour images can be projected in any personal or business environment".

The company's pumped up the battery life impressively, saying that it's improved on its predecessor's 60-minute running time by allowing two to four hours of usage without plugging into the mains. There's also the addition of a couple of 0.5W speakers built into the casing.

The MPro120 comes in a "soft pouch", costs £300, and should be available now.

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