Channel 4 has revealed it is to go 3D for a week in the autumn as a special celebration of 3D footage.

Beating satellite broadcaster Sky - which is prepping its 3D TV services for 2010 - the Channel 4 broadcasts will offer a 3D effect with ColorCode technology.

When viewed through the ColorCodeViewer 3D glasses, which supermarket Sainsburys has signed up to distribute, special amber and blue filters create a 3D-esque effect, although the image is said to look fairly normal for those watching without.

3D programming will include two hour-long episodes of "The Queen In 3D" with footage of her Majesty's coronation shot in 3D back in the Fifties.

In addition, there will be Derren Brown's "3D Magic Spectacular", "The Greatest Ever 3D Moments" and several 3D movies.

Sky's 3D broadcasts are due to start in 2010 for those with Sky HD, although viewers will have to splash out for special television sets, as well as don glasses to get the effect.

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