Live long and smell great is the sell for a new range of aftershave and a perfume offered by online retailer Firebox.

A new range of Star Trek colognes brings the world of the Enterprise to a new sense for fans of the retro sci-fi series.

For the ladies, the flavour on offer is the "Pon Farr" perfume (top notes of citrus, black currant, lotus blossom, and water lily, with base notes from sandalwood, peach, and mulberry) named after the Vulcan mating cycle.

Men get Tiberius, after the infamous James T., described as a "casual yet commanding cologne" and "Red Shirt" with the slogan, "smell like the future, because tomorrow may never come" as indeed it didn't for so many of the doomed red-shirted Star Trek staffers.

All three scents are available now from Firebox for £29.95.

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