It might be 1-1 in The Ashes at the moment, but that doesn't mean our performance last week was pretty bad.

To rub salt in the wounds, a pub in Melbourne has decided to allow its punters to piss all over England's performance in the next test match on the 20 August by installing a rear-projector TV in the gents (Restroom for our American readers).

While the invention means that you won't miss a second of the game after drinking 13 pints of Fosters, you can't help feeling they will be using it to somehow Voodoo Flintoff into making a mistake at the Oval come later this month.

Found in the Horse Bazaar, the pub is claims "a unique fusion of art, music, technology and alcohol."

Of course those not of the cricket persuasion could just use it to express their feelings over their favourite actor or news presenter.

And before you ask, we don't know whether or not there are plans to stream porn on the TV.

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