After various trials and demos, Sky has announced it is to launch a 3D television channel in the UK in 2010.

Although the current generation of Sky+HD set-top boxes will be able to handle the 3D signal, those that want to watch in 3D will need to upgrade their television set.

Sky's 3D offering is a glasses-based solution, and to get the effect, viewers will need to don the specs and tune in on a "3D Ready" television.

Although over the years we've seen various manufacturers showing off assorted 3D solutions at trade shows and the like, we thought it might be a good time to take stock and see which company might be closest to launch a 3D Ready TV.

We asked a handful of the biggest names in the TV industry whether they would be offering a 3D TV in the UK by 2010. Here are the responses:


LG is currently looking into bringing 3D TV to the UK market, but nothing has been confirmed at this stage.


Panasonic launched the world's first 3D Full HD Plasma Home Theater System (the 3D FHD) at CES this year but has no comment as regards UK plans.


Philips' 3D television business was handled by a Philips Research spin-off, 3D Solutions. A Philips spokesperson has told us that this area of the business is "currently on hold", although we're informed Philips is "monitoring the situation", suggesting if 3DTV gets big they could step in with a consumer offering.


Pioneer is withdrawing from the flatscreen TV market in March 2010 and it seems the mouth-watering prospect of a 3D KURO plasma is not enough to entice them back. A Pioneer representative informed us: "No, Pioneer is not planning to launch a '3D Ready TV' at this stage".


Samsung has touted a "3D compatible" telly previously, although the model is now discontinued in the UK. Rob Shaw, general manager for CTV & HP says: "Samsung welcomes Sky's news, anything that provides our customers with added value is good. As market leaders we will always look to invest in new technology and have already launched a range of 3D TVs in the UK. With this exciting news we will naturally be looking at potential future developments".


Sharp has offered glasses-free 3D effect LCD monitors in the States for some time now but has declined to comment regarding this latest development.


Sony has shown off stereoscopic 3D TV prototypes in the recent past. We're waiting to hear if there's a UK launch on the cards.


No comment.

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