Pioneer has introduced three DVD home cinema systems, the 5.1-channel DCS-590 and DCS-585 and the 2.1-channel DCS-FS30 with slim speakers for those short on space, or who don't want their home ent equipment taking over their living room.

All models can playback DVD including DivX movies and CDs with a front USB port enabling ripping of CDs directly into MP3 files on a USB memory device at up to 320KB per second.

The systems offer HDMI and the ability to upscale standard def DVDs to 1080p levels of detail, get "high power" amplifiers and internal Dolby Digital and DTS audio decoders, while the DCS-590 and DCS-585 get a "Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration" system that claims to create a soundscape perfect for the room.

On the music front, Pioneer's "Advanced Sound Retriever" function claims to enhance compressed music formats while "Auto Level Control" equalises volume level differences between tracks.

The DCS-FS30 comes with a set of height adjustable, slim speakers, while the DCS-590 includes four tall speakers and a centre speaker.

The DCS-585 claims to create a "clean setting" with two centre speakers (on one connection) and four small stackable satellite speakers, which can all be positioned in the front.

In addition, all systems are equipped with a "compact, yet powerful" down-firing subwoofer.

The DCS-590, DCS-585 and DCS-FS30 home cinema systems will be available in August, pricing to be confirmed.