Navigon has announced the Navigon 8410, describing it as "the most sleek and technologically innovative new addition to the Navigon series".

The 8140 offers a "state of the art", flat, mineral glass 5-inch screen that includes a touch-sensitive display ("that responds to the slightest touch") surrounded by a brushed steel finish.

As far as functions go, the Navigon 8410 features Navigon's new "Voice Interaction Pro" that means more functions can be voice-controlled than with the previous models. The 8410 is said to recognise colloquial speech and boasts the ability to retrieve contact names from a saved list.

Other specs and features include Panorama, Landmark and City View, POIs, Lane Assistant Pro, Bluetooth hands-free abilities and a media player for video, music and images.

On the media side of things, as with recent launches from Mio/Navman, the 8410 can be equipped with a digital TV module for DVB-T reception to use the device as a mobile TV.

The new Navigon 8410 will be available from the Navigon website and Halfords stores across the country in September, priced at a not inconsiderable £400.