Digital Vision announced the launch of its GiGo Digital Freeview Recorder.

Rather than take the usual approach of bundling an internal hard disc drive into a tuner box, the GiGo has three slots on the front to plug in USB sticks. The box will then record in MPEG2 format straight to USB.

The idea isn't to blow away the likes of Humax and its comprehensive PVR offerings, but rather to appeal to those who see the decline of their humble VCR as the end of their TV recording days.

The GiGo Digital Freeview Recorder contains a single tuner, allowing you to receive Freeview transmissions and record at your leisure through the electronic programme guide.

The operation is intentionally basic so it will appeal to those who don't want an overly-complicated solution.

Rob Musk, head of retail sales at Digital Vision, told Pocket-lint that they saw the GiGo fitting into kitchens and bedrooms, rather than leading the charge into the lounge. "It's a simple and affordable approach", says Musk. "We've connected a 500GB hard drive with no problems". You'll then be able to archive to your PC to watch on the move.

The GiGo will allow you to record one channel, whilst watching previously recorded programmes from the USB stick.

Musk hinted that future products would compete with more sophisticated PVR systems, bringing MPEG4 recording and an internal hard drive.

The cost is expected to be £69.99 when it launches later in the year.

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