IOGEAR has announced that its Wireless USB to VGA Kit is now available in the UK.

Said to be a simple-to-install solution, the kit will allow users to wirelessly show PC content on another screen with a VGA port.

The receiver works up to a distance of 30 feet. As well as suitable for uses such as presentations, IOGEAR is angling the solution as perfect for those that want to watch iPlayer content, or similar, on a remote monitor or television.

The kit runs the PC desktop alongside live TV, so users can surf between television and whatever is showing via the PC input.

Set up requires bundled driver software to be installed, the USB adapter is in the PC, then connecting the VGA adapter to the VGA display which will display images of up 720p quality.

IOGEAR say the Wireless USB to VGA Kit is available now for £169 from - although is currently showing as around £155.