We've previously brought you whispers that online video site Hulu is said to be due a UK launch around September, but a senior VP of the company has announced at a London event that the "UK is our number one priority".

Speaking at the IEA's Future of Broadcasting event, Johannes Larcher said the UK is "very ready for a product like Hulu", especially considering the demise of Project Kangaroo which was to be a similar service from the UK's main broadcasters.

"We are talking to everyone. UK is our number one priority in terms of international expansion. We are very interested in the UK. We hope in the very near future we will have some plans to reveal for the UK", said Larcher, leaving no doubts that the UK market is under consideration.

Larcher would not be drawn on a launch date or any details of UK partners it had managed to sign up, but said it would be tailored to the UK market: "We will localise our model so we are not perceived as a US company".