Optoma has been showing off a 3D projector to allcomers at CEDIA in London, and reckons that it'll be able to bring one to market before the end of the year.

The model it's being showing off is the HD65, which is 720p. It's available right now in a non-3D version, but Optoma has tweaked it for 120Hz playback.

When it makes it to market, it'll be called the HD65 3D, and it shouldn't cost any more than the existing HD65, which retails for £550. "All we have to do is upgrade the firmware, so consumers will get the best of both worlds out of their Optoma projectors for no added cost", said Optoma's Justin Halls.

Although there aren't loads of 3D movies around, Optoma hopes that 3D gaming will take off, following recent releases from Nvidia. We'll keep you posted of availability when we hear it.

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