The first television with the ability to record onto SD cards has been announced by British LCD TV company, Cello Electronics.

The PVR Freeview TV shuns a more usual hard drive in favour of the portable storage format, meaning that recordings can more easily be transferred to PCs or other devices with SD card slots.

Recording to SD card is controlled via the remote control, which Cello says boasts simple one touch recording via the EPG.

With two TV tuners and two SD slots, the telly is capable of recording two channels at once, and thanks to its split screen functionality, displaying two channels at once as well.

Also offering an integrated DVD player, the TV is available in 22-inch, 26-inch and 32-inch sizes.

Details on specs such as contrast ratio, brightness, response time, etc, have been a little hard to come by, but we can confirm the TV's 16:9 display is 1440 x 900 resolution - so you're looking at 1080i/720p rather than Full HD. The 26-inch and 32-inch models offer two HDMI ports, whilst the 22-incher gets one..

The TV will be available from July from the Studio and Ace catalogues and from the Freemans and Grattan catalogues as under the Soundwave brand. Pricing is confirmed for two of the sizes at £399.99 for the 26-incher, and £469.99 for the 32-incher.

Later in the year the range will also go on sale as an own-brand offering from Marks & Spencer and under the Murphy brand from Littlewoods.