You might never have heard of Averlogic before, but the company has created an interesting solution for anyone that wants to stream HDMI signals around their house. The products on display at Computex weren’t final retail products, but the demo was none the less impressive.

The problem some people are having with HDMI is that they only have the source devices in their living room, but they’d like to watch the content on TVs located around their house and the Averlogic solution solves this problem.

The neat thing here is that you don’t need to invest in any special cabling, as Averlogic is streaming full HDCP encoded HDMI signals over the power lines in your house at either 1920 x 1080i or 1920 x 1080 24p.

The system is compatible with HDMI 1.3 and it can even stream 5.1-channel AC-3 audio. There are also inputs for component and oddly enough composite video, on top of three HDMI input sources. The transmitter also works as an HDMI switch, as it has three inputs and one output.

The system is compatible with the HomePlug-AV and HD-PLC standard, but on top of that you can also stream your video over Ethernet if your home is wired up with Ethernet cabling.

Overall the technology is looking very interesting and hopefully this should turn up in some better looking consumer devices shortly. Estimated retail pricing should be around £200 to £250 plus VAT.