Tiscali has announced that it will be rolling out a new electronic programme guide, or EPG, on 10 June. The company promises benefits in speed and usability.

The new software is designed specially for widescreen, high definition televisions, meaning that users can view an extra half-hour of information when planning their evening's viewing.

There's been a number of simplification improvements too, cutting down menu options from 40 to seven, and offering a search function. “Now our viewers can jump from the welcome screen to the exact content they want more simply and faster than ever before” Jonathan Sykes, managing director of Tiscali TV told Pocket-lint.

Also, all catch-up programmes are now available from 15 minutes into the live broadcast, allowing viewers who arrive after the show they want to watch has begun to either view the live stream, or go straight back to the beginning.

The changes will come into effect automatically on 10 June with a software update sent directly to the set top box. You won't have to do anything.