HDTV has finally made it into the mind set of the general public with a whopping 99% of consumers aware of High Definition TV.

However before the likes of Sony and Samsung crack open the champagne, the survey found that only one in ten is looking to buy a new set this year.

The news, which is not doubt worrying for manufacturers suggests that they still have a lot of work to do in selling the benefits of HDTV.

The online panel survey, conducted by market research agency Buckingham Research, asked a total of 695 respondents a series of questions regarding their awareness of and feelings towards HDTV and its associated products.

85% of those asked said that they were aware of it, while a further 14% said they were aware but did not understand it. Only 1% responded that they were unaware of the offering.

It seems the research found the biggest barrier to entry a lack of HD content available in the UK with 45% saying there were not enough HD channels to watch.

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