Kaleidescape has announced a new "mini" all-in-one system in the UK in an attempt to bring its media server technology to the so called masses.

Although the company admits that it isn't going completely in to the realm of consumer land and allow you to buy one off the shelf at your local Richer Sounds, the new system aims to cut down the expense and need to have multiple boxes in your home.

The Kaleidescape Mini System will feature an integrated music and movie player with a server into a single unit says the company.

Designed to be housed under your TV rather than tucked away in an under-the-stairs cupboard, the system will allow you to store between 75 to 225 DVDs or 825 to 2500 CDs on its RAID hard drives with the ability to add a further 15 players around the house for those with a big mansion. Connections include HDMI and Ethernet.

Sporting 1080P upscalling features (a Blu-ray player add-on is expected to be launched later in the year) the system won't however offer DivX or any other file format not coming from a DVD.

Users will be able to import their own DVD collection via the built in DVD drvie as well as buying pre recorded packs such as all the Academy Awards Best Picture Nominees. DVDs will take just 20 minutes to "import" while a CD will be in the region of 5 minutes.

The new system which is due from specialists Home Cinema dealers in the next couple of months will set you back around £7000.