TomTom has shown off its new TV based TomTom HD Traffic app that promises to let users accurately check the state of the traffic before leaving the home.

The new service will be available to owners of the new Philips NetTV that was launched in February and due out in April.

Users will be able to use the TomTom app to check details of traffic on the route they are about to take and access further information by looking at a map of the trouble hotspots.

TomTom, who pulls data for the service from a number of different sources, including people actually using the Satnav version of the software, will also inform users of the weight of traffic they will encounter and the time it should take to get through it.

NetTV will require a wired connection to the net for the 8000 series, but with Wi-Fi integrated into the 9000 series and the Cinema 21:9, TVs from these ranges will be able to pick up any wireless home internet connection.

TomTom will be just one of the websites available alongside sites like YouTube, eBay, MeteoGroup, Funspot, MyAlbum and Netlog.