In the widest cinematic 3D film release to date, it's been revealed that the 3D version of "My Bloody Valentine" has brought in 71% of the total box office revenue.

RealD, a 3D cinema outfitter, says the film achieved $27 million in its first week of release, with 3D screens outperforming 2D screens by a ratio of 6:1.

"We are proud of the great opening week that Lionsgate had with 'My Bloody Valentine 3D' in RealD theatres", said Michael Lewis, chairman and CEO of RealD.

"3D continues to be the bright spot in the industry and it's clear that audiences responded to the promise of this superior filmgoing experience in RealD 3D".

A Lionsgate spokeperson said 'My Bloody Valentine' in 3D was a "showcase" for today's 3D "as an immersive experience and not just a gimmick".

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