EICTA, an organisation described as "the voice of the European digital technology industry", has issued a statement of "important clarification" on behalf of the industry over the news that large plasma TVs might soon be banned in Europe.

The statement reads: "Recent press reports claimed that plasma TV technology may be banned from the market soon for energy efficiency reasons. Such statements are factually incorrect".

"According to the pertinent EU directive a technology such as plasma cannot be banned from the market as long as the TV sets (using this technology) comply with the energy efficiency requirements".

EICTA says that the EU


currently working on new regulations that will "ensure improved energy efficiency" of TVs - but this covers all technologies - LCD and CRT - as well as plasma.

Due to come into effect in the second half of 2009, the fact is that if TVs don't meet the EU's minimum efficiency standards, then they won't be allowed to be sold in the EU after 2010. So effectively a ban, then...

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