Microvision has announced it will unveil the pre-production version of its latest pico projector at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco.

The company's laser display solution, its "PicoP" display engine technology for mobile devices claims to provide an "even more brilliant display experience" with a 25% size reduction over Microvision's Show prototype that we brought you news of from last year's CES show.

The new device is dubbed the Show WX, and is said to offer "ultra-thin pocket-sized convenience" with the power to project DVD-resolution images up to 100 inches across.

When in production, Microvision says the Show WX will be a simple plug'n'play pico projector for people on-the-go who want to spontaneously view mobile TV, movies, photos, presentations and more.

The Show WX prototye measures 118mm long by 60mm wide and 14mm thick, is always in focus so needs no adjustment, can project images from 6 inches to 100 inches, offers WVGA resolution in a 16:9 format and will offer up to 2 hours battery life.

Microvision says initial commercial production is expected to begin in the second quarter of 2009.

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