Two-thirds of consumers think that Blu-ray offers a better experience than streaming or downloading films, a new survey has revealed.

Commissioned by the Digital Entertainment Group, which should be noted is a pan-industry body that promotes DVD and Blu-ray, the results are no doubt welcome news for Blu-ray backers hoping to stave off the threat that online films present.

The independent study surveyed the "inclinations" and behaviour of more than 1,100 HDTV owners in the United States, along with 500 HDTV owners each in the United Kingdom and Japan.

Although 96% of Blu-ray disc users said they are familiar with downloading and streaming services, two-thirds agreed that: "Watching a movie on Blu-ray is a better overall entertainment experience".

70% cited the fact that "you actually have a physical disc that you can keep" as a key factor in preferring Blu-ray, suggesting that physical formats still have a few years left in them yet.