Sharp has announced that its new BD-HP21H Blu-ray disc player is now available in the UK.

With a Profile 1.1 - Bonus View functionality - users can enjoy the picture in picture and simultaneous play functions, but it should be noted that the player does not have the more up-to-date Profile 2.0 with BD-Live features.

The BD-HP21H supports 1080p, boasts a 24-hertz frame rate, and in addition, gets a 10-second quick-start mode, can upscale ordinary DVDs and playback Jpegs from CDs.

Sharp claims the device is green - it boasts energy consumption of 26 watts when in use and 0.5 watts in standby mode.

The BD-HP21H is available now priced at approximately £249, affordable for Blu-ray, but arguably a lot for an already out-of-date product.

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