Emtec has launched the S800 HDD Movie Cube that offers 500GB storage and a built-in hybrid analogue and DVB tuner.

Emtec says the device is capable of storing up to a 180,000 photos, a similar number of music tracks, or 600 feature length movies, all of which can be accessed on a television with the remote control provided.

The portable device gets Scart, USB and HDMI connectivity and DivX playback.

The Movie Cube can also record your TV programmes, convert old video or DVD films into digital formats, and be used to listen to music files or internet radio.

Users can also network the device with their laptop, Mac or PC, and TV, using the Ethernet 10/100 connection or Wi-Fi for NAS functionality.

The Emtec S800 HDD Movie Cube is available at Dixons from December for £229.99.