The Sanyo PLC-XTC50L projector is aimed at commercial users as its £4995 price tag suggests.

This is the company's first machine to feature a new "Auto Lamp Selection System", which basically means you get 6000 hours of usage "without the need for lamp maintenance" (which is claimed to be twice as long as conventional one-lamp models).

The system automatically selects one of the two lamps to project from, and switches based on user preference or on preprogrammed settings, or if the first lamp expires.

This technology is coupled with Sanyo's "Active Maintenance Filter" (AMF) system, which automatically detects when the airflow is obstructed by dust.

The projector also offers a range of compatible short and long throw lens options, horizontal and vertical lens shift and key stone correction.

The PLC-XTC50L will be on sale in the UK from January 2009 for £4995 + VAT.

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