Sanyo has announced what it is calling its most advanced full-HD home cinema projector to date.

The PLV-Z3000 delivers 1920 x 1080 content and is also claimed to offer "incredibly smooth" projection "for even the fastest moving scenes" thanks to its eDynamic Predictive Frame Interpolation Technology that uses a 120Hz full HD panel.

Sanyo adds that this projector offers a contrast ratio of 65,000:1 but has a 19-decibels fan so is quiet despite packing in HD technology.

Other features include dual HDMI (version 1.3b compatible) digital inputs and dual Component inputs, as well as what Sanyo says is the world's most advanced lens shift function.

You also get a 2x zoom lens.

The PLV-Z3000 will be on sale in the UK from the end of November, but we don't have a price as yet.

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