Freesat has announced the launch of five new television channels for customers using the satellite Freeview service.

However before you get too excited, the new stations are really for niche, and we mean niche, audiences.

From 16 September customers will be able to tune into Gaelic channel BBC Alba, Asian music channel Zee Music, shopping channel Best Direct and the promo-come-advertising Audi Channel.

Radio station Planet Rock will also be added.

All services will automatically be updated via users’ set-top boxes, so viewers will not need to take any action to view the new services.

"We are excited about the addition of these new channels to the Freesat lineup", Emma Scott, MD of Freesat said clearly on a land grab mission to get any channel it can on the service before going on to say that a featuring a channel set up to promote Audi cars made "Freesat a more attractive offer for the consumer".

We aren't so sure.