OneForAll, widely known for their range of universal and replacements remotes, has announced the launch of a new model, the "revolutionary" Xsight.

As suggested by the name, the new remote features an LCD screen, which is touch-enabled, allowing you to set-up and control your devices in a similar way as you can with the Philips Prestigo 8008 and 8015 models. The use of the screen means you don’t have to use the list of codes as in days gone by.

OneForAll also boasts that you won’t need a manual because instructions will be displayed on the screen as you go, including a simple online advanced set-up program. The remote will also support up to 18 devices.

Personal customisation will also be available, allowing you to install profiles, activities and add channel logos, meaning that individual family members can have their own list of favourite channels.

No word on pricing or availability yet, it officially launches on 31 October 2008.

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