Delta Electronics has launched a full HD LED projector aimed at the consumer market, for those looking to really improve their home theatre experience.

Alongside 1080p resolution, improved LED optics and wide colour gamut, the projector has the added benefit of being free from lamp replacement thanks to the fact the LED module can last for around 20,000 hours.

The product was demonstrated for customers at IFA this year, showing them that LED projectors can be brought to the commercial market.

"The viewing experience is amazing. The image quality of the projector's full HD resolution plus saturated color and dynamic contrast is extremely impressive", said Jeff Fu, director for projection display at Delta. "With this product, we believe the era of the LED projector has arrived. Home theatre projectors are just the beginning."

Delta believes its new projector has turned a new page for the projector industry.

Added Fu: "The LED illumination system replaces the lamp, the colour wheel and the shutter of a traditional projector. What is crucial is the need for a precise and complex control algorithm that allows the LED to work with the DMD to get high image quality. We have achieved groundbreaking improvements recently that enable us to bring this product to market".

No details just yet on prices or exact release dates, but we'll get them to you when we get them.

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