Yamaha has joined the Blu-ray party in Europe with the announcement of the BD-S2900 Blu-ray player.

Offering 1080p, 24fps, 12-bit Deep Color and HD Audio Bitstream output, the player is Bonus View enabled, but does not boast BD Live connectivity for the future features and possible upgrades that will be offered via the Internet.

Perhaps aimed at Yamaha's existing home cinema customers, the design of the machine is said to match Yamaha's existing receivers.

Other features include the ability to upscale SD content via Chroma Upsampling, precise pixel detection and 16-step motion video detection.

With one HDMI output, the player also offers an SD card slot and comes in a black or titanium finish. No UK pricing has been revealed, but the US price is set at a not to be sniffed at $1200.

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