Last week, we detailed a new Philips TV that comprises a 38mm ultra-slim, ultra-light TV which has its picture processing electronics housed in a separate hub.

But it seems that Philips isn't the only one looking to go slim at IFA. Mitsubishi is reportedly currently working on a thin TV as well.

Mitsubishi has taken advantage of the WHDI (wireless) codec from Amimom to deliver the Living Fit TV.

It is, like the Philips, made up of two parts - the first is a very thin LCD screen (expected to be 1.5 inch), and then a separate box that houses a Blu-ray optical drive and also sends out the wireless signals to the TV.

However rather than require a wire, the television will be connected to the box wirelessly. The system actually allows several WHDI-enabled TVs and, if they are within 100 feet of the receiver box (like in a cupboard under the stairs), they will get uncompressed HD video automatically.

The TV is expected to come out in Japan first and then will appear in the US next year.

We will keep you posted.

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