InFocus has announced two new line-ups of projectors, aimed at business people on the move through to businesses with big board rooms.

First up is the more compact IN1100 range with models that are small enough and light enough at 2.75lbs to hold in your hand.

"The IN1100 series provides professionals with a travel-friendly solution for meetings and presentations", said David Woolf, InFocus’ vice president of global marketing.

"Lightweight, compact, simple set-up and low maintenance make the 1100 series ideal for teams looking for a versatile projector."

The IN1100 series deliver up to 2200 max ANSI lumens, and include DisplayLink technology to make it easier to connect the projectors up to a laptop using just a standard Mini-USB cable, which is included with the projector.

InFocus adds that IN1100 series is available in both XGA and WXGA native resolution to match both 4:3 and 16:10 widescreen computer displays.

The InFocus IN1100 series is available for £699 for the IN1100 and £799 for the IN1102 (WXGA, 2200 lumens output).

Considerably pricier is the IN5100 series.

These machines delivering up to 5000 lumens and so are designed for "large venue installations".

Like their smaller sisters, the IN5100 series models are also available in XGA and widescreen WXGA resolutions.

One of the key advantages of this line-up is the SplitScreen technology, which allows presenters to display two different images of SXGA/1080p video side by side.

The IN5100 series also boasts horizontal and vertical lens shift, as well as four extra lens options.

They also pack in HDMI 1.3 and 5 BNC inputs.

The InFocus IN3100 series is also available now.

The IN5102 (XGA, 4000 lumens output) is £1599; the IN5104 (W-XGA, 4500 lumens output) £2499; and the IN5106 (XGA, 5000 lumens output) is the top dog with a price tag of £2399.

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