A new device that hopes to save you cash and help you save the environment has been launched on Tuesday.

Called the Energenie standby shutdown, the device, which follows similar devices launched over the last 12 months, promises to turn off electrical appliances left on standby mode.

Available online at, www.energenie4u.co.uk for £12.99 the gadget works out when a device such as a television has been left on standby and automatically switches off the mains power.

Although the company say that it is suitable for a range of appliances including TVs, DVD players, stereos and games consoles, lazy folk will no doubt be baffled as to how to turn their appliances back on when the remote fails to spring them back into action.

Coming without a remote control, the Energenie switches off the appliance at source after 2 minutes of being in standby mode, however to turn the device back on users will have to find the plug to switch it back on, rendering your remote control worthless.