Mitsubishi Japan has combined TV and Blu-ray technology in a new range of televisions expected to be on shelves in Japan in October.

Heading up the MZW200 series are the 40- and 46-inch models which are claimed to have a 15,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and a 3000:1 base ratio for better black levels.

Both are built around Mitsubishi's Diamond Engine Pro III technology which processes video in 16-bit colour and is also claimed to cut down noise.

The two launches are 1080p and offer 120Hz refresh rates.

You also get four HDMI inputs with CEC compatibility.

They will be available for around $2725 for the 40-inch MZW200 set and $3634 for the 46-inch version from 21 October but only in Japan at the moment.

Cheaper are the 37- and 42-inch models, which will sell for $2089 and $2543 respectively, and arrive next month.

They also deliver 1080p content but do not have the 120Hz output.

Electronista says that there will also be three 720p models released.

But, more exciting news comes in the form of a rumour that Mitsubishi is going to deliver its first HDTV with a built-in Blu-ray player.

The company has unveiled a concept called the REAL Blu-ray but we don't know whether it is going into production or not.

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