Sanyo has launched a new model for its LCD projector lineup.

The PLV-Z700 is claimed to be an entry-level full HD home cinema projector, although we don't have a price as yet.

Delivering 1080p (1920 x 1080) content, it is also claimed to offer contrast levels of 10,000:1) and 1200 ANSI lumens.

It has a variable iris which can adjust light levels every 1/60th of a second based on incoming video content, which basically means you get more light for vivid scenes and lower light levels for darker, high contrast scenes.

Also worth a mention is the lens shifting function, so you can make sure you get the right sized image for your room as well as being to store the projector off centre (so not directly in front of where you want to project the image).

This function allows the wide-range vertical lens shift of up to three screen sizes, and horizontal lens shift up to two screen sizes.

And you also get a 2x zoom.

Other features include five preset video modes which match various genres of videos (Brilliant Cinema/Creative Cinema/Natural/Living/Dynamic) as well as "3D Colour Management" and "Advanced Image Mode" options "for more experienced users".

The PLV-Z700 will be on sale in the UK from October 2008.

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