It's like something a Bond villain may have in his evil laire.

One press of a button, and a screen rises from the floor so the bad guy can show Mr Bond (tied to a chair at this point) - his plans for total world domination.

And, at $3,999, you'd perhaps need to be a worldclass villain to afford the Raptor Screen, which will ship in September.

For that - you'll get the screen, an RF remote and ZR800D IR universal learning remote which allows simultaneous screen operation with up to eight devices.

Though the cabinet, which the screen hides itself in when not in use (which is available in matte black or cherry wood finishes) would fit in most homes, even those that aren't all metal and glass, and occupy an entire tropical island.

The screens are available in three sizes: 72, 84 and 100 inch.

The screen has a 16:9 aspect ratio and is moved using a motorised cross-rising system has variable height settings to accommodate different viewing environments.

It also features Elite’s MaxWhite FG fiberglass-backed material for a flat surface in 1.1 gain.