SlingMedia, the company behind the SlingPlayer has released a new version of its SlingPlayer software with a stack of new features.

The new software, which remains in beta, aims to build on the Sling box's capabilities of being able to stream content from your freeview, sky, or dvd player to your PC anywhere around the world.

Available for download from Friday, the new 2.0 version will bring a Live Video Buffer of up to 60 minutes on your PC so you can treat the stream like a PVR.

SlingMedia has also added an Electronic Programme Guide into the player so you can find what's on without having to use your TV's programming guide, as well as SlingRemote, that according to SlingMedia "looks and acts exactly like your real remote control at home, giving you full control over your viewing experience."

The bad news is that the new software update is currently only available to US customers with a PC.