OK so London may be the worst city in the UK for TV license dodging, but it is Glasgow that has come in for a drubbing.

The Scottish city is second to the capital for people not paying their TV licence.

A massive 11,661 people were caught without a licence in the city in the first 6 months of 2008.

The figure is almost as high as the total of the next nine worst places for dodgers in Scotland and is just 4658 behind London, which has 6.5 million more people living in it.

Glasgow has been named and shamed in TV Licensing's latest report.

In third place was Birmingham with 4708 offenders caught followed by Liverpool, Manchester and then Edinburgh with 3326 people nabbed.

Also in the top ten on the shame list were Belfast, Bristol, Nottingham and Hull

Those caught watching TV without a licence risk a court appearance and a possible £1000 fine.

A colour licence costs £139.50.

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