I-Do-It has launched the SelfSat H21D HD-compatible flat antenna. The slim antenna will receive all satellite free-to-view channels (and encrypted channels with an appropriate set-top-box) without the need for a "cumbersome" satellite dish.

Measuring 65 x 300 x 566mm, I-Do-It says the H21D is "discreet" and offers customisable stickers to match the precise pattern of the surface of your outside walls, or jazzed up with fun, colourful stickers instead.

The non-dish offers twin or quad LNB line that enables the use of multiple receivers from the single antenna, meaning you can watch your favourite channels at more than one television.

The H21D can be wall-mounted, fitted onto windows, clamped or left on its stand, it will be available soon from www.eurosat.com and www.satelliteshop.co.uk from £149.