Last March it was half of us, but it seems that the digital boom is now in full swing.

According to Ofcom's latest Digital Progress Report, more than two-thirds of the UK's 60 million televisions get their signals digitally from Freeview, digital cable or Sky.

In the first 3 months of this year, an extra seven million signed up to digital packages ahead of the analogue switch-off in under 4 months' time.

Most popular is Sky with 8.3 million subscriptions, well ahead of second place Virgin's 3.5 million.

Sky's high definition service added 43,000 subscribers to reach 465,000.

Freeview has enjoyed sales of 30 million set-top boxes, PVRs and integrated digital televisions since launching in 2002.

Ahead of the BBC/ITV launch of its Freesat service in May, some 720,0000 homes were receiving free satellite services by the end of March 2008.

Sky+, the PVR service, added 262,000 subscribers for the first quarter taking the total to almost 3.4 million, which equates to around 38% of its total customers.