Pioneer has announced its new line-up of four new Blu-ray disc players for the UK market, but only one will boast full, future-proof, Blu-ray spec including the interactive BD-Live functionality.

In total four Blu-ray disc players will be introduced the BDP-51FD, the "stylish" BDP-LX71, the BDP-LX08 and the BDP-LX91 flagship model.

The new Blu-ray players boast the ability to handle 1080p 24 frames per second reproduction rate and there's HDMI 12-Bit Deep Colour support while the Video Adjust Mode allows users to custmoise their viewing experience.

The players offer support for lossless digital audio formats DTS HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD with 7.1 channel sound and "professional-quality" Wolfson Digital Audio Converters that claim to ensure the highest level of analogue audio performance.

With a "clean" symmetrical design and a centrally positioned tray and display, the range comes with the same graphical user interface as found on Pioneer's Kuro plasma TVs and latest AV receivers - and there's KURO LINK for one remote control of all your Pioneer kit.

The BDP-LX71, the BDP-LX08 and the BDP-51FD are all Bonus View, profile 1.1 players. The flagship BDP-LX91 however will also be BD-Live when it arrives in stores this winter - so you could argue the only one really worth getting.

The BDP-LX71 player will begin shipping in September. The other models will be available this autumn, with the BDP-51FD and the BDP-LX08 arriving in October and the BDP-LX91 later on this winter. Pricing has not been disclosed.