Mitsubishi has announced additional details surrounding the performance and functionality of its LaserVue TV series, that was originally revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2008,

LaserVues will be available in 65-inch and 73-inch models with the 65-inch "Diamond" shipping to authorised retailers in the third quarter of this year and the 73-inch "Diamond" to follow.

Mitsubishi says the 10-inch deep LaserVue range will "raise the bar for large screen television by delivering twice the colour at half the power of today's HDTVs while at the same time providing an unparalleled 3D viewing experience".

As well as rich colours, the laser TVs boast clarity and depth of field while brightness comes in at about 500 nits. Additional features for LaserVue TV include smooth 120Hz and x.v.Color. No word on pricing or a UK launch.

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