A UK company is hoping to offer home cinema fans a chance to rid their home of speakers by offering a solution that has them built into the walls instead.

Called the Plaster In-Wall Loudspeaker by Amina Technologies, it's a loudspeaker which is plastered in-wall where you would have "regular" loudspeakers.

According to the company: "not only do all visual signs of a sound source completely disappear, but it also leaves a minimal technological impact to create a stunning interior design".

Users will be able to connect the hidden speakers to a standard home cinema amp so visitors not in the know will be none the wiser.

The company say that the "core element" is a specialist lightweight composite panel material, which vibrates in the same way as the bodies of natural musical instruments (for example the acoustic guitar, violin or piano).

These vibrations recreate a diffuse source of sound energy which is emitted in a far less directional manner and one capable of filling a space far more evenly than a conventional loudspeaker.

This source claims to create a high definition sound field over a very wide area ensuring that surround sound or a stereo sound field is heard whatever the room, and wherever the listening position.

The speaker has been designed to be plastered or wallpapered over and promises to offer a non-directional sound so you don't have to worry about where exactly you place them in the room.

There are three variations; a 20W, 40W and 80W and prices start from around £450.