Looking to spend more time in the garden this summer but still watch TV? Sanyo has launched a weatherproof television to allow you to watch your soaps in the sun.

The company has announced the launch of a new 52-inch 1080p model to complement its 42-inch 720p offering currently available.

Capable of withstanding the elements, the television is both dust and waterproof, as well as capable of working in temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees to a sweltering plus 45 degrees Celsius.

If that wasn't enough the screen, which offers HDMI and Scart connectivity, also comes with a toughened screen capable of withstanding a beer bottle or pint glass if your guests get rowdy.

The price? Sanyo say the 42-inch model will cost around £2000 and the new 52-inch, which will be available from July will cost around £4000.

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