iMovee has launched two new designs of high end video glasses.

First up are the iMovee Theater glasses which are claimed to be "extremely light weight" and portable but are also claimed to deliver "highest video resolution available for video glass in the world".

They are compatible with all video signals from AV out devices and have an 80-inch screen.

The standard package includes the glasses, noise reduction ear phones, rechargeable battery for continued viewing up to 8 hours, an iPod cable and AV connecting cable, USB charger and wall charger, and a user manual.

Next up are the iMovee Cine Plus glasses, which have a virtual 72 inch screen delivering high resolution viewing.

The Cine Plus model is also compatible with almost all video devices with AV out function.

iMovee adds: "Advanced LCoS Micro Display technology is integrated for high quality image scaling for low resolution web videos".

As well as the eyewear, the standard package again includes noise reduction ear phones, a rechargeable battery for continued viewing up to 4 hours, a well as the iPod cable and AV connecting cable; and USB charger and wall charger.

And a third model is planned called the iMovee AIBO which is specifically designed for in-flight entertainment and Mobile TV viewing.

The Cine Plus glasses are $349.95 and for Theater glasses, it's $399.95.

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