Pioneer has said that the concept designs that it showed off at this year’s CES have a long way to go before becoming reality.

Referring to the Kuro Super Black concept design, a spokesman for the company said that the ability to pack the technology into a television you would be able to put on your wall was "still a long way off".

The comments came as the company showed off its new Kuro range in the UK following the launch of the range in the US earlier in the month.

The new models, which will come in 50-inch and 60-inch sizes, will become the flagship models of a new range of audio-visual products for the company.

According to Pioneer, the Kuro screens have up to 80% deeper black levels than any other flatscreen on the market and will be full HD prepped with 24p, a plethora of picture improving technologies and the trademark silky smooth design element.

As this was the UK launch, Pioneer also unveiled a raft of non-functional dummy products including new Profile 1.1 Blu-ray players, two-channel hi-fi, and home cinema system.

The company also confirmed that it would be releasing a new range of LCD TVs in the UK that will offer "HD ready 1080p" compliant with 100Hz frame mode available in three sizes: 32 inch, 37 inch and 46 inch.

The new television will cost around £2,500 for the 50-inch model and £4,500 for the 60-inch model.

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